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Rescue vehicle based on Sadko Next

The rescue vehicle of the Ministry of Emergency Situations is designed to deliver rescuers with the necessary equipment to the sites of accidents, natural or man-made disasters. Allows you to quickly deploy a headquarters to coordinate rescue operations and eliminate the consequences of emergencies.
The special vehicle is made on the basis of the highly passable all-wheel drive chassis Sadko Next, designed for operation in harsh climatic and road conditions.

The car platform can have a single-row or double-row driver's cab, connected to an insulated composite van into a one-volume body. The van communicates with the driver's cab (two-row modification), or has a separate entrance in front on the right side of the vehicle (single-row modification).

The cabin has working and cargo compartments, ergonomic places for work and rest of rescuers, cabinets and racks for storing and transporting equipment.

The equipment of the machine also includes autonomous life support systems (power supply, lighting, ventilation, climate control equipment) and special devices (equipment in accordance with the customer's requirements specification - SGU, flashing beacons, winch, trunk, etc.)

The rescue vehicle of the Ministry of Emergency Situations is certified, has the approval of the Customs Union "On the safety of wheeled vehicles".

  • Drive type - all-wheel drive
  • Gearbox - 5MKPP
  • Maximum vehicle speed 95 km/h
  • Wheel formula 4 x 4
  • Ground clearance 315 mm
  • Gross weight 6850 kg
  • Overall dimensions (LxWxH) with a single-row driver's cab 7650 x 2275 x 3600 mm
  • Overall dimensions (LxWxH) with a two-row driver's cab 7650 x 2275 x 3600 mm
  • The internal dimensions of the van with a single-row driver's cab (LxWxH) 4480 x 2050 x 1900 mm
  • The internal dimensions of the van with a two-row driver's cab (LxWxH) 3735 x 2050 x 1900 mm

  • Engine - YaMZ-53443
  • Type - diesel turbocharged, charge air cooler
  • Ecological class - Euro 5
  • Engine displacement 4.43 l
  • Engine power 148.9 l s

  • Chassis Sadko Next with a single-row or double-row driver's cab
  • Fiberglass van on a metal frame with an original design, painted in white
  • Color scheme in accordance with GOST R 50574-2019
  • External cladding of panels: high-strength white plastic, reinforced with fiberglass
  • Internal lining of the ceiling and walls: composite panels with aluminum coating
  • Thermal insulation of the ceiling, doors, walls of the van
  • Insulation: polyurethane foam
  • Exterior glazing of the salon
  • Doors: service hinged door at the front (modification with a single-row cab) and double-wing hinged door at the rear end
  • Floor: transport plywood; waterproof, antistatic, non-slip polymer coating of autolines with waterproofing of all seams; corrugated aluminum
  • Hatch ventilation
  • Embedded elements for equipment installation
  • Niche for cargo above the seats of the cab of the car (modification with a double-row cab)
  • Ladders for climbing to the side hinged door of the van (if equipped), to the back of the van with fasteners
  • Fire extinguisher, spare tire, motorist's kit

  • Lighting: LED lamps in the cabin, illumination of doorways, lighting of the workplace
  • Van electrics: electrical network 220V, sockets 220V, USB sockets 5V
  • External onboard input for 220V, external input cable with RCD for connection to an external power supply or generator
  • Filtering unit
  • Autonomous van heater

Additional life support equipment:
  • Gasoline or diesel generator
  • Autonomous power supply system: 2 helium batteries, inverter
  • Autonomous Air Conditioner of Cargo-Passenger Van

Special equipment
  • Light signal loudspeaker installation LED
  • LED beams on the roof of the van at the rear, on the right and left sides of the car
  • Blue LED beacons mounted at the rear of the vehicle
  • Intercom kit, equipped by the driver
  • Van Roof Rack
  • Telescopic ladder for access to the trunk, fixed in the van
  • Winch in the front bumper with a mechanical drive from the transfer case
  • Alarm with vehicle tracking system
  • Working compartment: passenger seats with three-point seat belts of the "comfort" series, lockers under the seats, work table
  • Cargo compartment: shelving made of metal profiles, shelves with anti-slip coating with the ability to adjust in height, belts for securing equipment and equipment placement
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