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Mobile medical examination station

The mobile medical examination station is designed to organize an on-site medical examination for intoxication
The medical complex is made on the basis of the chassis of the Gazelle all-metal van of the Next and NN series. A Ford Transit is also available as a vehicle base.

The special vehicle has an insulated van with a sliding side door and a rear hinged double door. The inside of the van is lined with composite panels that are durable, absolutely corrosion and biological resistant, easy to clean and disinfect.

The equipment includes the necessary autonomous life support systems: LED lighting, power supply, ventilation, heating equipment and air conditioning (on order), external on-board input. The package also includes medical furniture and equipment, a sanitary compartment (a sink with an automatic water supply system, a dry closet).

The mobile medical examination station is certified, has the approval of the Customs Union "On the safety of wheeled vehicles" and the registration certificate of Roszdravnadzor.

  • Drive type - rear
  • Gearbox Gazelle Next / NN - 5MKPP / 6MKPP
  • Wheel formula 4 x 2
  • Ground clearance 170 mm
  • Wheelbase standard/long chassis 3745/3950 mm
  • Dimensions standard/long chassis (LxWxH) 6232/6932 x 2068 x 2750 mm
  • Cabin height 1900 mm
  • Gross weight 3500 kg / 4600 kg

  • Engine - Cummins 2.8, ISF2.8s5F148
  • Type - diesel turbocharged
  • Ecological class - Euro 5
  • Engine displacement 2.8 l
  • Engine power 139 l s

  • Van Gazelle Next / NN all-metal white
  • Color scheme in accordance with GOST 28385-89
  • Interior ceiling and wall cladding: aluminum-coated composite panels with high resistance to abrasion, acid environments, detergents and disinfectants
  • Thermal insulation of the ceiling, doors, walls of the van
  • Frosted external glazing
  • Doors: Sliding door in the front, double-leaf swing door in the rear end with latch-open
  • Door openings are equipped with steps, which provide local lighting. Maximum footrest load 200 kg
  • Floor: transport plywood; waterproof, antistatic, non-slip polymer coating of autolines with waterproofing of all seams
  • Hatch ventilation
  • Partition with a sliding frosted window separating the driver's cab from the passenger compartment
  • Double passenger seat in the cab


  • Lighting: LED lamps in the salon, illumination of doorways
  • Van electrics: electrical network 220V, sockets 220V
  • External onboard input for 220V, external input cable with RCD for connection to an external power supply or generator
  • Filtering unit
  • Autonomous van heater

  • Communications (cab intercom with van)
  • Onboard refrigerator
  • Rubber track for gait stability test
  • Interior disinfection kit
  • Workplace of staff: work seats for honey. personnel 2 pcs, a seat for the person being examined, a desktop for filling out acts and filling out a journal, a directional lamp
  • Furniture (cabinets, shelves) with the possibility of attaching equipment
  • Hanger for outerwear
  • Removable plastic (sealed) waste bin
Medical equipment
  • A device for the quantitative determination of alcohol in exhaled air
  • Analyzer for chemical-toxicological research
  • Urine collection container with temperature and pH measurement
  • Vacuum tube for collecting urine 50 pcs
  • Holder for transferring urine into a test tube 50 pcs
  • Rubber gloves 20 pairs
  • Thermometer for measuring body temperature 2 pcs
  • Mechanical tonometer 2 pcs
  • Phonendoscope 2 pcs
  • Neurological hammer 1 pc
Delivery in Russia
Our company delivers our special vehicles across Russia in various ways
Warranty service
The chassis is covered by the manufacturer's warranty (24 months). The equipment van has a 12 month warranty.
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